The Dierksen Story

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Dierksen Hospice was founded by a family committed to providing an experience better than they had experienced themselves following the death of their husband/father. Camile Dierksen-Gamble and her three children believe that quality of life is just as important as the quantity of life.  Their enduring focus is to help patients focus on comfort and pain management and importantly remain in their place of residence - whether that be at home, the hospital, a nursing facility or in an assisted living 

Our heart logo symbolizes the care and compassion with which we approach our patients’ and their families’ care. As you get to know our family and team members, it will immediately become clear why we are in business – to provide love and care. We are all committed to what we do, and it shows in everything we do and everyone we touch.

Dierksen Hospice is a privately-owned and operated organization in Texas and Arkansas. We care deeply about our neighbors and our community, and we are committed to providing the highest level of care possible to our patients and families. To learn more about Dierksen and the services that we provide, please call us at any time day or night at the office closest to you. We welcome the opportunity to provide support to you or your loved one.

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